Project Examples

A small selection of projects from the last couple of years. 

No two gardens are ever the same, your garden is unique to you and your home. If you don't see what you're looking for here, then please give us a call and we can have a no obligation chat about what you need.

We're always happy to visit, assess and discuss your individual requirements up front, so you can decide what's best for you.

Garden Tidy

Tidying overgrown gardens, clearing leaves, and seasonal pruning.

We have helped several customers with their overgrown gardens, cutting-back brambles and ivy, controlling weeds and clearing leaves.

Dealing with overgrown spaces can take several visits, and depending on the scale, may require specialist equipment to deal with the thicker stems and roots - Pruning and cutting back the growth, then chopping or shredding to reduce the volume. It's also important to dispose of any waste correctly to ensure there is no danger of unwanted plants re-growing.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, gardens end up out of control. Whether your unwanted plants are creeping, thorny, stinging, or just overwhelming, let us do the hard work for you. Getting your garden back to normal can take considerable time and effort, with our help you'll quickly regain control and begin to enjoy your garden.

Fence and outdoor painting

Preserving and making your fences look better

Painting or staining fences, (or any garden structure), will help preserve the wood. This means it will last longer and look better too. Depending on the age and condition of the wood, it may need preparation to ensure the paint can be applied, and will stick. 
This may involve cleaning, the removal of previous paints and vegetation, and even a pre-treatment before we get to the final painting/sealing stage.

The images show a customer's fence that backed onto a public footpath. Previously painted in part with some sections affected by ivy and green algae. In addition to the steps listed above, we took extra measures to ensure the path remained open at all times and passers-by were aware of the works being completed.

Hedge trimming

Shape, shorten, smarten... 

Hedges come in all shapes and sizes, and numerous varieties. Keeping them under control and neat may mean several cuts throughout the year. The weather can also play a large part in how quickly they grow. Keeping your hedge under control, trimming the right amount, at the right time of year, means it will stay healthy and neat looking for longer. 

Your hedge may border your neighbours property, or a public footpath/street, so we'll work with you to ensure any work is carried out neatly and efficiently. We'll tidy and bag up any cuttings. We can also quote to remove all the waste upon completion.

Garden creation

Client Project: Creating a front garden space

Following building work, the front garden needed to be created from scratch. Working with the client to establish priorities, planting preferences and timescales, the goal was the creation of a colourful and relatively easy-maintenance front garden with a small path. First step was to clear weeds, grade and improve topsoil. Then finalise plant selection to match conditions and availability, visit garden centres to purchase and start planting a mix of ever-greens, perennials, and flowering bulbs. The gap in the privet hedge required the purchase and planting of new bare-root hedging early in December.

Constructing a small path to allow window cleaning and maintenance meant levelling the ground, measuring, positioning and constructing treated-timber edging. Supplying and laying weed suppressant materials ensures a low maintenance finish, topped with customers choice of gravel chippings.

Lawn mowing, feeding, and year-round care | Hedge trimming | Pruning and weeding | Planting and re-siting/re-potting
Seasonal, house-move or rental garden tidy | Painting Fences, outbuildings and masonry | Pressure washing

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