Gardening Services

Need help in your garden?

Whether you need a regular visit or have a one-off project, we'll do the hard work, making your garden a place for you to simply relax and enjoy.

Reliable, friendly and professional service.

  • Lawn mowing, feeding, and year-round care
  • Hedge trimming
  • Pruning and weeding
  • Planting and re-siting/re-potting
  • Seasonal, house-move or rental garden tidy
  • Painting Fences, outbuildings and masonry
  • Pressure washing


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Lawn mowing, feeding and year round care

Lawn Mowing

Pruning, weeding and planting


Painting fences, outbuildings and masonry

Fence Painting

Hedge trimming

Hedge Trimming

Seasonal garden tidy, house move garden tidy, rental garden tidy

Garden Tidy

pressure washing patios and decking

Power Washing

Ready for Summer?

Let's get your garden looking its best

From laying turfing to mowing your lawn, power washing away the dirt to trimming your unruly hedge, we'll do whatever it takes to get your garden looking great. 

A little help from us saves you a lot of time and effort, meaning more time for you, your family and friends to enjoy your garden at its best.


Unwanted plants and weeds growing in your garden can be troublesome. Whether it's paving, patio, hedgerows or borders, if something's growing where it shouldn't in your garden, and you want help clearing it, please get in touch to discuss what can be done.

Overgrown or out-of-control gardens can be tamed. We're happy to help clear invasive plants such as brambles, nettles, field grasses and bindweed that have taken over your garden.

Garden tidy

Tidying overgrown gardens, clearing leaves, and seasonal pruning. 

We have helped several customers with their overgrown gardens, cutting-back brambles and ivy, controlling weeds and clearing leaves.

Dealing with overgrown spaces can take several visits, and depending on the scale, may require specialist equipment to deal with the thicker stems and roots - Pruning and cutting back the growth, then chopping or shredding to reduce the volume. It's also important to dispose of any waste correctly to ensure there is no danger of unwanted plants re-growing.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, gardens end up out of control. Whether your unwanted plants are creeping, thorny, stinging, or just overwhelming, getting your garden back to normal can take considerable time and effort. Let us do all the hard work for you, so that you can gain control and  once again enjoy your garden space.

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